Day #1. Start 12:00. Near
the former palace of culture of railroaders (Kauno, 5).

This is an ABCD of questions that are to be brought up. There are already people who will make presentations on these topics but we encourage everyone to participate in discussions during the festival! Although you can send your application in advance. Besides, we are looking for people who’d like to talk about more ecological ways of zine-making and open-source programmes for computer layout. Maybe you are one of them?

The working languages of the festival are Lithuanian, Russian and English.


Zines are full of stereotypes. Both self-established and borrowed from traditional magazines. What do we expect from a zine when speaking about its contents and layout? Is it good to have reviews and advertising, or do they support the usual order of things in press? With what prejudices do girls who make fanzines face? (I.e., it necessary has to be a feminist one or only girls can participate in its creation). 


The choice of language is not an issue for the English-speaking countries but for the zine-makers from other regions it can be a dilemma. Which language is better for zines? There’re many the pros and cons of writing in English as well as for writing in your local language. Maybe it’s time to discuss them? What are your language preferences? Do you try to read zines if they are neither in your native language nor in English, but still could be understood?


How do you distribute and purchase zines? What are the proper price and the number of copies? Is it important to know who your reader is? What are your thoughts on the popularization of zine culture? Does it involve many efforts to organize and to run a zine library or an info shop? A zine scene – if it exists, what’s it?


In order to disturb the monopoly of paper zines we’ll talk about other forms of self-publishing too. Blogs, podcasts, pdf-magazines… what’s good and what’s bad about them? How have new technologies influenced on the traditional zines?

Where do we put a border between self-published and commercial stuff? A talk about editions that are on the verge of fanzines and magazines.

+ exhibition

+ workshop on wood-printing

+ food

+ physical exercises during the breaks

+ total zine exchange !

~20:00, XI.20 Club:

SABOT (cz) – drum’n’bass core duo from Czech.
FUN (fin) – noise rockers from Helsinki
HOGENBAND (fin) – noisecore

+ after-party with a presentation of the new identities!


Day #2. Start 12:00 , Žemaitės skv.

– Big public zine fair & open-air library.

– Collective zine creation

– Street party

– Tasty food and drinks.

If you want to perform during this day (as an actor, musician etc) write us about it! aggrrrh [at] 

or yesfuture   @


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