the festival is finished. see how it was!  

during a workshop by Akvile and Johanna

during the workshop. everybody are busy:)

an exhibition dedicated to zine-making

 a special chair for zine reading made by asia

typing machines forever!

photos by sasha and tanya. more pictures, inc. those from concert and after-party will be very-very soon;) 

if you have any photos and videos, please send them to aggrrrh   @

Thanks a lot (in the alphabet order):

Agurkas (for a typing machine + super cool paintings)

Akvile & Johanna (for a beautiful workshop!)

All Minsk Crew (Lenka Hoi, Tanya Checked, Lena Komarovka, Sasha, Ludok,
Uladz, Kirill – u know))

Andrijus and Ligita (for a bright zine + active participation)

Anya & Tanya (cooking+accomadation+paints&brushes)

Asia (for an exhibition, super-chair, discussions and support) 

Bazyl (for posters and HUGE creative support)

Clockworkultra (for manual power & discussions)

Denis (for zines, pot, ice-cream & box)

GAS girls (for coming, discussing, dancing, making hippy pages in a collective

Kipras & the family  (for a great zine presentation) 

Martynas (for food deliever))

Oleg (food support of all kinds+accomadation)

Rasa (for zine transportation)

Siwa (disco disco disco!)

Ugne (for help with organizing) 

Verbaites (sound king)

.. and to all those who joined us, asked the questions, sang and played saxophone,
made a zine, had fun at the concert & after party and to whom I forgot to
mention here;)

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