Jul 14 2009



Hey all! Finally some pictures on-line, now from the first part of the DAY#1 (open-air library, free market, movie screening). All pictures made by Ania, Sasha, Yana and Aliaksey. To be continued! If you have more pics please send them to yesfuture [at] gmail.com or upload somewhere on-line and give us a link. Thanks!

(UPD: have a look at some more here).


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May 24 2009

Отчёт о Виленском зинфесте 2009 на Индимедии Беларусь

Появился первый отчёт о фестивале – вот тут: https://belarus.indymedia.org/17090

May 13 2009


Hey all! Here’s a program of a festival. Download, read and come! See you this Friday!


Всем привет! Скачивайте программу фестиваля, читайте и приходите! До пятницы!


May 6 2009

vilnius zine fest, day #3

vilnius zine fest day #3

planting*seed bombs*moss graffiti*

making zine wallpaper*secret zines*zines on bodies


finish hip-hop attack in the evening

Apr 24 2009

vilnius zine fest, day #2

another version

introduction to counter cartography / exhibition / presentations of map projects / workshop ‘GIS for dummies: creating independent collaborative maps’ / workshop on making anarchist maps of cities (*prepare information about your place*) / discussion ‘how could we explore and map migration and borders in eastern europe’

 learn more about the place: http://www.artcore.blogas.lt

 we are open to your proposals!

aggrrrh [at] riseup.net 




Apr 20 2009

Day #1

Aloha! We have some news for you about the 1st day of a Vilnius zine fest! So don’t miss a free market and an open air zine library, presentations of participants, talks about libraries, infoshops, alternative bookstores and anarchaprimitivizm, tea cocktails and a cinema tent, music and tasty food;) We’d also advise visitting a concert of “Farmer’s Boulevard” in the evening!

More details, as well as information about the other two days are comming very soon.

If you want to contribute, feel free to write: aggrrrh [at] riseup.net

Mar 11 2009

Vilnius Zine Fest: Call for Participation

zine fest 2009. thanks for picture to lenka hoi

Yo! We gonna do it again. Vilnius Zine Fest will happen on 15-17 May and will gather together zine lovers from different places
of the world, continuing the tradition of previous Vilnius and
Minsk zine festivals.

This spring particular attention will be paid to
radical geography, opportunities of contr-mapping of autonomous forces and
borders of Europe. Thus, we decided to make a
special Maps Day. Other big issue is creating things together, liberating zines
from our shelves, distros and infoshops and putting them into a public space. For
that a whole Day of Workshops is dedicated. And of course, we cannot go without
presentations and discussions, zine exhibition and free fair, tasty veggie food
and good music! Some details of the program are already available on this
website, others will appear soon, as well as a list of participants. If you
would like to share with your ideas, help with organizing, have some questions
and suggestions, want to play some music/make a performance/zine reading or to
confirm your participation please write to aggrrrh [at] riseup.net

 See you soon!  

Mar 11 2009

Program of VZF-2

Day #3,

We propose you to take part in a number of workshops (most likely you’ll have time for one).
They will happen during the whole day and the results will be available to all other groups in the evening.

The main idea is to liberate zines from our shelves, distros and infoshops – i.e. subcultural locations, and try to put them into a public space so that different people would have an access to them. But one important thing is to make it in a form of a game, to be unexpecteded and intriguing, not like a direct and boring propaganda.
Another point is to try to use other forms of space rather than paper/internet for zine-making and see how this space can influence the contents and its perception.

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