May 22 2008

photos from the concert + after party



during the drag king / drag queen  after-party

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May 21 2008


the festival is finished. see how it was!  

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May 13 2008

Things to prepare

Saturday is becoming closer and closer 😉

Don’t forget to prepare some dresses for a drag king / drag queen after party! It will take place juts after the concert, so get ready! )

But before that we’ll breathe new life into your old newspapers and useless papers. Bring them and we’ll have fun. 

And on the 2nd day there’ll be a collective zine creation and that would be good if you bring things you’d like to use for it: typing machines, polaroids, paper, chalk, paint etc. 

Have any questions, ideas or sth else?

 Then you know what to do;)

 If not, see a post below. 



May 8 2008

Poster & flyers


Now we have a poster, as well as some flyers (in lithuanian):

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May 6 2008



Day #1. Start 12:00. Near
the former palace of culture of railroaders (Kauno, 5).

This is an ABCD of questions that are to be brought up. There are already people who will make presentations on these topics but we encourage everyone to participate in discussions during the festival! Although you can send your application in advance. Besides, we are looking for people who’d like to talk about more ecological ways of zine-making and open-source programmes for computer layout. Maybe you are one of them?

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May 6 2008

List of members

List of members 

ArtCore (Vilnius, Lithuania)  

Chaos Grrlz (Warsaw, Poland)

Dom Byta +November/December/January (Molo city, Belarus)

Girls Are Strong (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia)

Kairos blog (Minsk, Belarus)

Minsk Zine Library

Paštec (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Pobacz (Minsk, Belarus)

TARPAS (Alytus, Lithuania)

Tryznas*Kefiras (Minsk, Belarus)